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Why Us



Users choose us over our competitors because when they search or source for Businesses, Products, Services and Events on SEARCHCAMEROON.COM, they are sure to find their search because they can otherwise simply contact us on WhatsApp with a Click to do the rest for them.  More importantly Users choose us because when they find or make a choice from their search result on SEARCHCAMEROON.COM they have different, simple and more importantly cost effective communication channels at their disposal to directly place their order or for inquiries in real time without any extra spending.  So with SEARCHCAMEROON.COM Users can truly feel the importance of Digitalization because they can simply:

  • Use their Mobile Smartphones or PCs to find Information on Cameroon Whenever Wherever even Abroad
  • Click to source for Businesses, Products and Services
  • Click to directly make a Phone Call to their found searched
  • Click to directly send an SMS to their found searched
  • Click to directly send a short message or make a Call on WhatsApp to their found searched
  • Click to directly get the Direction to their found searched
  • Send a direct Email Message to their found searched
  • Enjoy the personality of SEARCHCAMEROON.COM website’s Mobile Friendly and PC adaptation natures

In short, Users spend less when they search on SEARCHCAMEROON.COM


Our customers choose us because of what we offer our Users (as started above) also taking into consideration that we provide a leading technology, deliver unmatched services and training, and offer some of the best value in the industry.  Our customers choose us because with a simple registration on SEARCHCAMEROON.COM it is very easy and simple for their own customers to find and contact them. Mightily our customers are being guaranteed the following:

  • The Presence of their Business on an optimized Online Business Directory
  • The Presence of their Products on an optimized Online Search Engine for Products & Services in Cameroon
  • The Presence of their Business & Products on an optimized Online B2B & B2C Platform
  • Taking advantage of an all in one Digital, Mobile & Social Media Marketing Solution
  • Taking advantage of the multiple Plans to Boost Business Activities
  • Taking advantage of a Guaranteed and optimized Online Presence for More Visibility

Regard less of the complexity of our project, we strive to provide our customers with great technology, differentiated products and unmatched services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model that meets our customer’s needs.

Our approach is to combine our understanding of user behavior with a commitment to meeting the business goals of our clients. We are proactive in our aftercare service and will alert our customers of any malicious behavior that we find. Our staff is diverse and talented in all aspects of website technology and marketing, including content creation. We love what we do and it shows in the solutions we produce.


You simply won’t find another vendor that can match our value proposition. Our customers often tell us the same thing. We make every effort to provide ou

r customers with great products and services, and we work just as hard to make sure they are getting the right business model that fits their needs. We promise the same to you.

Thank you for considering Listing on SEARCHCAMEROON.COM

This is the tour area of the site. Here you can see how SEARCHCAMEROON.COM works and how your listing Profile Page will look like and also how it will appear Online.
These are the Top 10 Reasons to join SEARCHCAMEROON.COM. Click any of the tabs on the left to read more about any of these points.

  1. Services of WWW.SEARCHCAMEROON.COM (a Solution)
  2. We’re cheap!
  3. We’re local & National!
  4. We’re dedicated to being the best for Cameroon and the CEMAC Region
  5. Users can see the direction to your business premises on google map
  6. You have a do it myself marketing tools or request for experts assistance
  7. You can add a YouTube video to your profile
  8. Select a collection of images to show potential clients
  9. We have pretty online marketplaces and category pages (Coming Soon)
  10. Join a community
  11. We’re user friendly

I – What we offer to your business:

  1. Maximum Exposure
  2. High degree of Visibility
  3. Counseling on Online, Digital, Mobile and Social Media Marketing

II – Advantages of our Offer to your business
Our Offer will enable your business to: 

  1. Go Online and Digital
  2. Extending your Reach
  3. Boosting your Sales
  4. Growing your Business

III – What we are using in offering the above solutions to your business:

  1. WWW.SEARCHCAMEROON.COM  (it is our all in one fantastic & multi dimensional & cost effective Business Solution Website that serves as):
    – A Cameroonian Local Directory for Businesses and Professionals.
    – A Local Search Engine for Products & Services in Cameroon.
    – A Cameroon Online, Digital and Mobile Presence Solution for Businesses.
    – A Cameroon B2B & B2C Online Sourcing and Trading Solution.
    – A Cameroon Online & Digital Marketing Solution.
    – A Cameroon Mobile Marketing Solution.
    – A Cameroon Social Media Marketing Solution.

IV – The Cost for our business solution:
Make your choice for the intensity of our offer considering our Listing Plans so as to be ahead of your competitors;

Click here to register your business with SEARCHCAMEROON.COM

Contact us for any enquiries or for details.

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Having a listing on SEARCHCAMEROON.COM only costs 35,000F CFA/Yr. This is less than the cost of other directories today and not to talk of its multi-functional status and embedded technologies. We won’t be sending you a monthly magazine, but we will be focusing all of our energy on what matters most; getting lots of potential clients to visit our site and see your listing.

Our Listing Plans

Click here to register your business with SEARCHCAMEROON.COM


We’re Local and National!

SEARCHCAMEROON.COM was created and is maintained by  Ntankobong N Gemoh.

Unlike other big, nationwide directories, SEARCHCAMEROON.COM is really designed with the intention of being the go to resource for connecting people with Businesses specifically in localities nationwide.  There are some real benefits to this:

  • We have the potential to outrank big directories today in search rankings. Think of it like this: business directories today are like a giant international phone book, and SEARCHCAMEROON.COM is like a much smaller local one considering all its attached technology like the “Near me” option. If you were a search engine wanting to deliver the most useful information to your users, would you give them the giant international book, or the local one?

  • Non the less, you can search for businesses, products, services and events in any city in Cameroon on SEARCHCAMEROON.COM by just specifying typing your search on the on the “What” search bar then also type the city name on the “Where” search bar and then launch your search by clicking on the search button or icon whenever and wherever.  Hence you can still specify “Near Me” .

  • Brand recognition: When you stop and think about it, the only reason any business owner knows most business directories today is because they either find it on the internet or a listed member told them to go there to find referrals. It is our goal to become the thing everyone points to when they don’t know where to refer someone. Eventually SEARCHCAMEROON.COM will be known in the area and people will think of it when looking for referrals.


We’re dedicated to working on our site, blogging, and doing everything we can to get SEARCHCAMEROON.COM to be the best it can be!

In our first year we’re planning on spending at least 60% of earned income on building and advertising the site. We don’t know what other people spend on their sites, but we’re expecting that this expense will slowly taper off as we rank enough in search engines, but we will never spend less than 10% on advertising.

We’re going to spending a lot of time writing and publicizing quality blog posts. This is a key part of any good SEO strategy and we will be doing lots of other things to boost our rankings in search engines so that clients will find our site and see your listing.

Maps and Geolocalization

Users can browse locations by city and by neighborhoods in Cameroon.

Your office locations will appear on maps located both on search pages and on your listing.

A Marketing Solution

  1. Go Online, Digital and Mobile
  2. Extend Your Reach
  3. Boost Your Sales
  4. Grow Your Business


YouTube Video

On SEARCHCAMEROON.COM, you can add a YouTube video to your listing to give potential customers a better idea of who you are and your approach to satisfy them.

Your Business Images and Contacts

Your Business Images
SEARCHCAMEROON.COM allows you to choose images to show potential clients in a scrolling carousel at the top of your listing especially the frontage of your business (storefront).

Your Business Contacts
SEARCHCAMEROON.COM offers you a multipurpose communication channel on your Business Profile Page so as to facilitate the reception of enquiries from customers and portential customers with just a click and even free via WhatsApp.

Beautifully Designed Online MarketPlaces Websites

Users can browse our Business Directory, including our Online Directory for Professional Freelancers.  You can also freely find our prettily designed Online MarketPlaces being:

Coming Soon!







Join Our Community

When you join SEARCHCAMEROON.COM you’re joining a community. We are really aiming for this to become a resource for the greater Cameroon community. This site is for Cameroon and it’s Cities. We plan on blogging about local news, talking about local events, and advertising locally. We are currently in the process of setting up advertisements on TV and Radio, for example.

Whether it be by contributing to or reading our SEARCHCAMEROON.COM blog, connecting in person or online through social media, or just being more visible to each other and potential clients, we hope SEARCHCAMEROON.COM will serve as a way for Business Owners all over the Cameroon to connect and work together to help our Nation.

User Friendly

SEARCHCAMEROON.COM is easy to use.

Users can search for companies, products, services, freelancers, events, … using the search bar on every page, or by browsing through our category pages.

Users can also refine their search results to find a specificity etc. All while viewing locations on a map.

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